We hate them. They get in the way. They complicate things. And they turn something simple and straightforward into a mess of wasted time and unfocused energy.

At Radar we believe that focus is key.
It’s what keeps us moving in the right direction.
It’s what helps us pinpoint problems and sculpt elegant solutions.

That’s why our suits don’t just interact with our clients. They move in with them.
They blend into the corporate culture, strip away the layers and get right to the heart of their problems.

It’s why our creative studio operates outside of the normal hierarchy. A flat structured team of senior, creative minds that have the experience to distill an idea to absolute clarity.

And it’s why we don’t believe that one size fits all. Our approach is “mass-niche”.
A unique way of understanding mass markets by exploring the segments within them.

Because when everything is in focus, the solution becomes clear.