Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee … Mohammed Ali could well have been describing our Ops Director Dominique as we find her using whatever skills she thinks will get the job done, both on the gym floor and in the boxing ring we sometimes call an office. Dom’s vacation time is spent being an intrepid solo explorer in the world’s most interesting cities.


Following a Bcomm in marketing and management and a post-grad at Red & Yellow, Kyle became a media strategist before moving into the account management side of the business. Included amongst his adventures are a 24hr taxi ride across Madagascar; escaping a football stampede in Buenos Aires; and getting lost on a camel in an Indian desert … we imagine without losing any of the calm that makes him such a good MD.


Tahier Variawa is head of conceptual design for RADAR, which is really an excuse to think about everything and anything before the line, beyond the line and outside the line. BR (before RADAR) he worked across the spectrum of design with a big focus on fashion branding and e-commerce.


After spending more than a decade as an ECD at Ogilvy (and serving on the Ogilvy Board), Tricia has been with RADAR for the duration. Tricia has about six million interests including food, fashion and fantasy … this has led to her getting some vaguely weird briefs, including one to write a series of songs sung by fashion-forward trolls. She has won a lot of awards, one of them for the trolls.


After more than a decade at Ogilvy, Jason opened the doors of RADAR eleven years ago. Under the job description of ‘running the business’ he wears a lot of hats, but mostly he gets to experience the front line of our clients’ businesses; then writes strategies that position them laterally and persuasively in the marketplace. In his off-time he designs beautiful spaces and pursues the world’s great adventures, sometimes with mastiff, MAC.


Moka is a Media & Communications graducte who worked in the film and television industry for a while before joining the ad world. (One of the films she worked on was “Mandela Long Walk To Freedom’). Moka believes fun is a state of mind and sets out to enjoy every day’s challenges.



Jared, a dedicated athlete, likens his decade-long experience to an endurance sport. “Advertising production is all about careful preparation with the goal of exploring – and exploding - previous limits. And of course, much like every other endurance challenge, you really need to know what to do when you hit a wall.”


While David started out quite rock and roll (working security for The Rolling Stones amongst others) he has since become much more about heavy metal – collecting gold, silver and bronze for some of South Africa’s best known agencies. Little known fact: Dave can’t cook at all but is a dedicated foodie. He will drive for an entire day to try a Michelin starred restaurant and every holiday is designed around where he wants to eat.


Nicola has designed and art directed for some of the biggest brands in SA, and in her time has made everything from booze to bakkies look beautiful. Personally, Nic’s a wonderful juxtaposition of action and serenity who when she’s not jogging, biking and diving, loves just chilling with a drink watching the colours fade as the sun sets over the sea.


Jono has spent 16 years writing words at King James, The Jupiter Drawing Room and JWT. He has won awards locally and internationally while working on everything from cars to canned fish. In life before advertising he worked as a roadie for Def Leppard, INXS, Michael Jackson and loads more. Wrote a script for an Oscar-winning actor. Sadly did not win an Oscar.


Lights … cameras … spreadsheets. As a qualified CA (AS) Shakira makes the world of RADAR go round. Her department manages everything from day-to-day bookkeeping to long term financial planning. Can we take on more business? Hire more people? Buy a building and still go for drinks on Friday? Ask Shakira.